September 30th, 2016

(The day our campaign closed)

This past week, our team has been in contact with each other more and more due to the campaign closing today (and because we miss each other of course). SHOUT OUT TO SOPH…HAPPY BIRTHDAY LADY!

So we have been blasting posts on social media for the last seven days and have managed to raise more than $3,000! I am in AWE, and I’m feeling so grateful for the support, care, and love all of you have had towards those who don’t have access to clean water. Your donations are saving and changing the lives of 2,446 people…THANK YOU!

As the campaign closes today, I have a hard time letting go. I miss our rides of course…but I also miss being with our team, and those we met and stayed with along the way. I hope and pray that Ride For Water will continue to be a transformative experience for those who get the chance to embark on such a journey as this. May God lead you every day, reminding you of your purpose as you ride. May the future teams of Ride For Water know and understand the impact they are making for those who don’t have access to clean water. May we as past riders, and drivers recognize that yes, our campaign is over but the global water crisis is not! May we continue to be people who love and give of ourselves to better help those in need. I pray that those who decide to embark on this experience each and every year (until the global water crisis is over) will put their hope and trust in God and believe in themselves that they too are capable of doing a cross country ride for those in need… NOTHING IS CRAZY!

Ride For Water is a dynamic team of loving and giving individuals who I had the privilege of working with for the past year. I have gained some of the best friends I could ask for while transitioning out of my college experience at APU and I hope that we all continue to follow our passions while leading others closer to Christ. May we love God and love people in all that we do.

Thank you to all our families, friends, and donors for raising $73,381 for clean water projects around the world. 2,446 people will now have access to clean water for the rest of their lives, THANKS TO ALL OF YOU! This will provide 7-9 projects around the world. If you donated or continue to donate to charity: water, they will email you the coordinates of the location they build one of our funded projects! THIS IS SO COOL!

I also want to thank my teammates for being some of the most loving and empowering women I know. I encourage anybody and everybody to get to know these joyful women, they will change your way of thinking and living! AHH they are so AMAZING! To my ladies in blue, continue to lead others with your love, strength, and humility! I look up to each and every one of you and I know I can trust you all with my life (literally). I love you girls!


I also want to give a shout out to the mens team for leading with love, strength, and powerful prayers, you guys are awesome and I am so thankful to have shared this experience with you all! May God continue to work in and through you all, for He is GOOD.


Ride For Water Alumni, Thank you for paving the way, for stepping out of the comfortable day to day routines, for empowering future teams of students to continue this student lead adventure that brings other people access to clean water and glorifies God through loving others. YOU ALL ROCK!

Last but certainly not least…Thank you to charity: water for allowing us to partner with them for the 4th year in a row! We are so grateful to partner with such an honest and loving non-profit organization who cares for each and every individual person on this earth that does not yet have access to clean water. I pray that charity: water will continue to fight the global water crisis until every person on this earth has access to the one thing we all need and deserve to have each and every day we live…WATER.

Please join the movement, join me in prayer, and continue to give to charity: water as they fight the global water crisis.

Thank you!

-Katie Maginnis